If there's one thing I've learned in almost 14 years of blogging, it's not to devalue the skills I have.
After reading A Cosmology of Monsters, Neuromancer, and 1Q84, I realized that not only do I want to read things that matter, but I also want to write…
Apple pie, Exandria, and Santa Claus. This is some good stuff.
Who wants to create a megadungeon, one room at a time, every day of 2023? *two thumbs at self* THIS GUY.
Unlike most 5e rules, I straight-up ignore the Bonds, Flaws, Traits, and Ideals on every character I make, all NPCs, and none of my players use them…
I love D&D. But does it stifle creative thinking from the players and put too much of the creative impetus on the DM?
Every single one of these adventures rolled a natural 20 on Christmas joy and holiday happiness. Enjoy!
Where do you go when a man-child billionaire ruins your favorite online space?
A rumor is floating around that WotC is not renewing the OGL and SRD for OneD&D, meaning that third-party creators couldn't create commercial content…
Who Here Plays Gloomhaven?This past weekend, Gloomhaven was on sale on Amazon 40% off. I was able to get my mother-in-law to buy it for me for Christmas, and in the meant…
Stealing a format from the talented M.T. Black, here are some super cool D&D-related things I thought you might enjoy!
They had every opportunity to run away, and I pulled no punches. It was glorious. They laughed the entire time.