Welcome, friend!

Nice to meet you. I’m Beej, and I kinda love D&D. I’ve been playing and DMing for about 20 years, ever since Third Edition was new. I’m pretty obsessed with RPGs (including JRPG video games like Dragon Quest.)

I’m a Mithral (top 1%) bestselling author on the Dungeon Masters Guild, and I am always looking to create new and fun stuff for us to throw at players.

I tend to be completely and insufferably excitable. And when I’m excited about something, like I am with RPGs, I want to talk about it.

The New Me: BJK Games

I am currently in the middle of a rebranding effort. This is the next evolution of my TTRPG content creation under the brand of BJK Games, and here’s what you can expect for becoming a subscriber (free or paid!):

  • Complete. free access to all blog posts and articles.

  • An as-yet-undetermined number of paid-subscriber-only posts each month with original RPG content like encounter tables, magic items, monsters, adventures, and even more.

  • Ultra-deep discounts on my content using discount codes for my stuff (like that one right there in that link), plus giveaways and all that kind of thing.

I’d like this to be a place where all of us feel comfortable talking about what we love—natural 20s, breath weapons, and collaborative storytelling.

In addition, this is going to be a hub for my own TTRPG creations, whether that’s D&D adventures on DMs Guild or any of my other work on DTRPG.

Paid subscribers will get early access to stuff I’m working on, playtest materials, and just exclusive RPG content in general.

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Here There Be Dragons!

I play in two Dungeons & Dragons 5e a week and GM a campaign for Dragonbane. That gives me a lot of inspiration to create quite a bit of TTRPG content for you to use at your own table. (Available on Dungeon Masters Guild and DriveThruRPG or subscriber-only content here!)

So let’s talk about murder hobos, actually using dragons in our dungeons, and why not every bard has to be a perv.

Oh, and You’re welcome.

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I'm Beej, and I am always excited about something. These days, that mainly comes out to be D&D, LEGO, and video games. I also have a lot to say about writing, editing, and content creation.