I just released a new dogfolk player race for D&D 5e called the Goodest, based on the Golden Retriever. DISCOUNT INSIDE!

February 2023

PbtA where a fantasy world has "evolved" into its corporate, dystopian, post-capitalist cyberpunk era, and cyberspace is a digital plane that is…
I love D&D. But does it stifle creative thinking from the players and put too much of the creative impetus on the DM?

January 2023

Originally, it was a 4 out of 5. Now, months in, it's a 2.5 out of 5, and I feel that's being generous. (Also: upcoming project updates)
Here are some codes for my two new CY_BORG player classes, the CyKnight and the Undertipped Barista!
CY_BORG is a hellish, brutal, cyberpunk delight of a TTRPG with rules-lite gameplay, beautiful artwork and design, a rich world, and a robust community.
If you haven't seen the hubbub, WotC is becoming a cyberpunk megacorp, and it may ruin D&D for everyone. (Plus, a free preview of my next project!)

December 2022

Who wants to create a megadungeon, one room at a time, every day of 2023? *two thumbs at self* THIS GUY.
Who Here Plays Gloomhaven?This past weekend, Gloomhaven was on sale on Amazon 40% off. I was able to get my mother-in-law to buy it for me for Christmas, and in the meant…
Every single one of these adventures rolled a natural 20 on Christmas joy and holiday happiness. Enjoy!
I bought a 3D printer on Black Friday and immediately began printing out minis and dungeon tiles for my in-person game. It's so awesome.

November 2022

This week, we finished our year-long adventure through the Feywild. I had a lot of fun because of the group, but I can't really recommend the campaign…